Having removed some storage shelves in my shop, I completed my shop made paneling and added a french cleat storage system. The corner you see is waiting for my new low speed sharpening grinder.

A good slow speed grinder is essential for keeping chisels sharp, but I didn't want to take up space on my bench. Since I've installed French cleat systems on my shop wall, I decided to make  a movable grinder shelf for the cleat system. That way I could easily move it later if the need arose. 

I used a 3/4 piece of plywood I had left over from making my cleats.


i cut the back and the bottom pieces for the unit. because i wanted the unit especially strong, i glue and screwed the pieces together, creating 1 1/2" plywood pieces.

i glued and screwed the back and shelf together while attaching one to the other. I also attached two cleats to the back of the shelf.

using two cleats instead of one make this unit sturdy...

...but adding the bottom supports made it virtually "wiggle free."


It fits like a glove! All that left to do is bolt on the grinder!

sweet! I plugged it in and turned it on and it's steady as can be!

it's just one more addition to my cleat storage system, but it's a great one! More to come!